Harmony ‘Hbomb’ Austin

About Me

Harmony ‘Hbomb’ Austin is a female/ LGBTQ+ comedian, playwright, & performer with a strong voice and provocative style. She is currently a student at Texas State University, majoring in theatre performance and production with an emphasis in dramatic writing. Currently, she serves as the marketing director for Jane Doe Theatre Company in San Marcos, TX. Harmony’s special interests include puppetry, video editing, plants that she can’t kill just by looking at them, Sci-fi & Fantasy stories (respectively), margaritas, getting caught in the rain, and bringing an abundance of color wherever she goes. Some have described her as a “spitfire,” a cat-lady in training, and a Jim Henson enthusiast. Notable works include In a Perfect World (Play), Worlds Worst Cover Band (Web Series), and Time Piece (Musical).

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In A Perfect World

In a Perfect World is a full length TYA play centered around Honey Honeynewt, a fairy and soon to be retired officer of the air. In a Perfect World was produced virtually by the Jeremy Torres Lab Theatre in the Fall of 2020.

World’s Worst Cover Band

World’s Worst Cover Band is a comedic web series written, direted, and edited by Harmony ‘Hbomb’ Austin. The series follows Sam and Barney on their way to being “rock gods” after getting 100% on Rock Band in expert mode. World’s Worst Cover Band was chosen for triumphant Film Series in June 2020, and is available for veiwing on Youtube @ Harmony Austin.

War Of The Worlds

Harmony directed and edited an excerpt of Orson Welles’ “War Of The World’s” in the Fall of 2020. The excerpt was set in 2020 and played with themes of misinformation and distrust of the government with an alien invasion as the foundation of exploration.

Love Wave 2000

Love Wave 2000 is a devised art piece, with video design by Harmony, directed by Neil Stewart at Texas State University. The premise is a wacky video dating service set in an alternate version of 1990.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Harmony currently serves as the Marketing Director for Jane Doe Theatre Company in San Marcos, TX. The company specializes in new works written by the Texas State University undergraduate student body. Hbomb’s duties include designing marketing campaigns, graphic design, keeping up with the Facebook and Instagram accounts, and also editing any videos that the company needs.

August 2020, Back to School Instagram Puzzle, @JaneDoeTheatreCompany on Instagram

Harmony also manned the marketing campaign for her web series World’s Worst Cover Band. The campaign included an instagram account (@WorldsWorstCoverBand) and Facebook ads. In addition to running the social media’s for the series, she also designed all of the graphics.


Harmony is a stand-up comic, currency based in San Marcos. Hbomb served as the ’19-’20 Vice President of the Texas State Comedy Association where she performed at many showcases, open mics, and wrote multiple comedy sketches.

Harmony wrote a sketch titled “Maxim the Dummy” in collaboration with Max Foster and in November 2019 performed it at the Fallout Theater’s experimental comedy show called “Exploratorium!” hosted by Garrett Buss.

Ring Of Keys

Ring of Keys is an arts advocacy organization that promotes the hiring of musical theatre professionals – onstage and off – who self-identify as queer women, transgender, and gender non-conforming artists.